Each year, more than 200 professionals join our courses, each one of them bringing their own unique experience. In our classes we have doctors and nurses, lawyers and communications experts, project managers and emergency coordinators, all committed to improve the humanitarian response.

Our students bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the centre and are a perfect representation of the diversity and complexity of the current humanitarian world.

By joining our centre, they become part of a strong alumni network to exchange ideas, share career opportunities, and provide advise in an informal way.

Want to keep in touch with your former colleagues? Interested in following up on our news? Eager to share with us your professional path after your graduation and make other people benefit from your experience? Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we will be happy to welcome you in our growing community. 

If you have any specific question related to our Alumni activities, you can contact us at: humanitarianstudies-alumni@unige.ch

What do our alumni do after graduating?

Our students are experienced managers who come from practice and will go back to practice. During their time with us they take a step back and integrate a holistic learning process to better reflect and inform practice. Many of our alumni then return to the organization they were working for before, some being offered interesting promotions. Others obtain jobs in international organizations or NGOs, occasionally even before they have formally obtained their degree.