This executive short course is a full time training which focuses on the design of adapted negotiation strategies, as well as the development of participant’s self-awareness.


  • Identify the frame and principles on which humanitarian negotiation is based
  • Define the objectives and specificities of humanitarian negotiation
  • Select and manage the most appropriate interaction and communication modes with various stakeholders while in a negotiation process
  • Discover one’s personal style as negotiator

  • Identifying types of humanitarian negotiations: access / activities / security
  • Designing a negotiation : analysis, strategy, face to face and follow up
  • Practice of emotional intelligence, active listening
  • Professionals in the humanitarian, development or social sector looking to develop their competencies as well as reflect and capitalise on their experiences.
  • Professionals from other sectors who wish to increase their understanding of the humanitarian sector for a potential career change.
  • Graduate students with relevant volunteer or intern experience, looking to undertake a post-graduate course with a view to entering the humanitarian sector.

For more details on the enrollment process visit this page.

Required documents:

  • CV
  • Scanned copy of passport

more information about the admission process is available on our application page.

  • Negotiation in Humanitarian Crises (Geneva)Dates 17-21 May, 2021
  • Negotiation in Humanitarian Crises (Geneva)Duration 1 week
  • Negotiation in Humanitarian Crises (Geneva)Location Geneva
  • Negotiation in Humanitarian Crises (Geneva)Language English
  • Negotiation in Humanitarian Crises (Geneva)CREDITS 2 ECTS
  • Fee CHF 1,500
  • Application Deadline 2 weeks before the starts of the course. For candidates who need a VISA: 6 weeks before the start of the course.