Dr Danielle Poole

Designation: Senior Research Associate

Dr Danielle (Dani) Poole is a Senior Research Associate at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies of the University of Geneva.

Dr Poole is a population health scientist notable for her contributions to the evidence base for humanitarian decision-making. Within the broader field of humanitarian health research, her work is centred around two themes:
1) measuring need and programme effectiveness in substantive areas of focus including mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and health in-transit, and
2) developing novel research methods for complex settings for representative sampling, internal and external generalizability, and scalability.

To address these lines of inquiry, Dr Poole applies methodological approaches spanning the epidemiological, geospatial, and biostatistical sciences. Recent research contributions include the Yale University Independent Review of the JIAF (co-I), contributions to the NIH Fogarty Center’s Advancing Health Research in Humanitarian Crises project (PI), and an NIAID award entitled, “Remote data for characterizing the SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk environment in humanitarian crises” (PI).

Before joining the University of Geneva, Dr Poole completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Neukom Institute for Computational Science of Dartmouth College and a fellowship at the UNOCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data.

Dr Poole graduated from the Global Health and Population Department at the Harvard Chan School. She received her MPH in global health from Brown University and her BA in Fine Art from Seattle University.


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For a comprehensive list of Dr Poole’s publications, please visit this page.