Dr Jean-Marc Biquet

Designation: Course Coordinator

Dr Biquet has worked in humanitarian aid since 1993, mainly with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and has had a wide range of experiences, from his initial work in the field (Iraq, DRC, Sierra Leone, Former Yugoslavia), as Programme Manager (1996-1999 and 2003-2006) to recent contributions to the Reflection Unit on Humanitarian Stakes and Practices for MSF-Switzerland.

In addition to holding Doctoral degree in Global Health (Geneva Institute of Global health and University Claude Bernard Lyon 1), Jean-Marc has a master’s degree in Political Sciences (University of Lyon III) and degrees in Journalism and Political Science (Catholic University of Louvain) degrees in Journalism and Political Science (Catholic University of Louvain).

Fields of interest

  • Accountability towards intended beneficiaries of aid
  • Humanitarian advocacy
  • Medical work in detention centres
  • Humanitarian-military relationships
  • Positioning and relationship of humanitarian actors with political powers
  • Patient safety and management of “medical errors” in medical humanitarian action

Recent publications

  • Biquet J, Schopper D, Sprumont D, et al. Knowledge, attitudes and expectations of medical staff towards medical error management policies in humanitarian medicine: a qualitative study. J Patient Saf in press (01/2020).
  • Biquet J, Schopper D, Sprumont D, et al. A call for the application of patient safety culture in medical humanitarian action. A literature review, J Patient Saf in press (8/2019).