Ukraine Crisis: Stay tuned on the latest health science with the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies


Press release

May 18, 2022, Geneva.

The Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies has mobilized its expertise to assist the humanitarian system by launching a Ukraine crisis resource repository, to provide a range of peer-reviewed, health-related academic articles covering the health challenges of those affected by the Ukraine crisis. The selection is reviewed by the Centre’s Director, Professor Karl Blanchet.

‘When the Ukraine crisis started we felt it was important to gather all the evidence-based articles in one place. This gives researchers a one-stop-shop, where they can browse what we have selected to keep abreast of the latest health-related research.’ explains Professor Blanchet, himself an expert in humanitarian public health.

The service provides a useful repository immediately and for future analysis.  The range of articles shows the extent of the health issues facing those affected by the crisis. The health needs spectrum is vast, including chronic disease management, sexual health, wound management, mental health, COVID19, dementia, and vaccination programmes.

The service also aims to inform governments, humanitarian organisations, students and the media of the latest available information on the health situation of those fleeing Ukraine or trapped in the country. This page includes systematic reviews and analysis and it also provides links to other resources from reputable organisations where updated information is published.

 ‘Logging these articles in one place will prove important further down the line. Grouping the likes of Nature, BMJ and the Lancet articles together, will act as a useful chronological map of the health issues and how they were addressed, and will provide a rich tapestry of sources for the purposes of research in the future’ concluded Professor Blanchet.

This repository is updated regularly every week, and is an open-source, free service.

The repository web address link is:   

Professor Blanchet is available for comment or media interviews as a humanitarian public health expert. For further information or to set up interviews please contact Ms Sian Bowen: