Aimé Moninga, winner of the EU Human Rights Defender Award 2020


Congratulations to Aimé Moninga, Winner of the EU Human Rights Defender Award 2020 

The Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies warmly congratulates longtime rights advocate Aimé Moninga and the Men of Hope Association for winning the EU Human Rights Defender Award 2020, in recognition of their longtime advocacy for male survivors of sexual violence in conflict.  “Aimé and Men of Hope are an inspiration to all of us through their steadfast advocacy for the rights of male survivors,” said Prof. Karl Blanchet, director of the Centre. “We congratulate Aimé for this well-earned honor, as well as our friends at Refugee Law Project for their longtime support and mentorship to survivor activists of all genders.” The Centre’s course on sexual violence in conflicts and emergencies is offered to humanitarian programme managers in Geneva and Uganda, and the Uganda session includes a panel led by male survivors which is organized by Refugee Law Project and Men of Hope. The voices and experiences of survivors shared in these meetings have been a touchstone in the course.  

“Hundreds of course participants have met Aimé and other survivors, and have often told us that these interactions profoundly move them, even leading them to question their own past work and how they can do better,” said Meg Davis, coordinator of the course. “The hard work of Aimé and other survivors is beginning to change the response to sexual violence, not just in Uganda, but all over the world.”