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2022 scholarship recipients sharing their experiences:

Although I always aspired to be a humanitarian worker, the opportunity to benefit from a scholarship for the MAS programme in Humanitarian Action turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to benefit from many major opportunities and demonstrated that there is more than one path in the humanitarian field, which I was not aware of while working as a humanitarian, but this scholarship opened up my eyes to the ways that the humanitarian world works today. For the past six years, I was seeing myself as a person committed to working to alleviating human suffering and upholding human dignity. While attending the programme I even began asking myself whether I should give up on my dream of working as a humanitarian. However, completing the programme helped me realise that I will be better equipped to provide leadership and support in the development and implementation of humanitarian programmes. With the skills and knowledge that I will acquire I am certain that I will be best prepared for a future career in the field of humanitarian work, even beyond my home country. I can say that I am ready for the new Humanitarian Horizon.

Throughout my humanitarian missions with Médecins Sans Frontières over the past five years, I had been wondering if there could be a chance that would allow me to study the humanitarian programme to enrich my ambitions. Nevertheless, it had never been more than a hope and a dream until I received the fabulous news from the school in this year March that I was granted for a scholarship. The scholarship has now given me a wonderful experience of learning humanitarian action in this international Geneva. I wish to express my gratitude and thank the donors that make my years-long dreams come true.