Call for papers: Special Issue “Revisiting Healthcare in Times of Modern Wars


Our Director, Prof Karl Blanchet, is among the Guest Editors of the Special Issue “Revisiting Healthcare in the Times of Modern Wars” published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Guest Editors include Dr Chi-Chi Undie, Dr Sara Nam, Dr Dani Poole, and Dr Neha Singh.

Message from the Guest Editors

War is a direct and indirect threat to life. Between 1995 and 2015 globally, more than 10 million deaths in children younger than five years can be attributed to armed conflicts.

In 2021, it is estimated that around 40 million refugees in the world were forcibly displaced due to war and violence. Responding to humanitarian crises during wartime has become more and more complex due to the intensity and scale of conflicts, the proximity of combats to residential areas and the blurry nature of parties at war. Over the last decade, it has been clear that the first humanitarian
responders are local actors and local service providers. In this Special Issue, articles will highlight humanitarian practice initiated and/or designed by local actors (sometimes in co-development with international humanitarian organizations). This Special Issue will also give priority to contributors from conflict-affected countries.

We will accept papers from various disciplines and exploring diverse aspects of health and conflicts, encouraging researchers from non-medical and public health backgrounds to contribute. Research papers, reviews and commentaries are welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2022.