Humanitarians in the field are creating new COVID-19 programmes, and adapting existing ones, to continue life-saving services in the safest manner possible while reducing COVID-19 transmission.

This open-access platform promotes the exchange of field-based COVID-19 programme adaptations and innovations, facilitating learning among organizations in different sectors and contexts.

The COVID-19 Humanitarian Platform offers:

  1. An operationally oriented structure to support actors in finding guidance and tools for humanitarian settings.
  2. The ability to share experiences with adapting programmes to specific contexts to bring field-level innovations, successes, and challenges to the forefront.
  3. A standardized and simple way to document lessons learned for future and ongoing adaptive programming, and to contribute to the development of new guidance and tools for humanitarian agencies.

The COVID-19 Humanitarian website is curated by three academic institutions with experience in humanitarian health: the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies of The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and The University of Geneva; the Center for Humanitarian Health at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; and the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre at The London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.