Dr Wahid Majrooh

Designation: MD// Academic Fellow

Dr Wahid Majrooh joined the Geneva Humanitarian Studies Center in June 2023 as an Academic Fellow. During his time at the Geneva Humanitarian Studies Center, he intends to work on research articles presenting an insider description of what health system resiliency actually means in the field.

Dr Majrooh is a Medical Doctor (MD) by profession with two Masters Degrees in Global Health Policy (LSHTM) and Political Science and 15 years of experience in different capacities including as university lecturer, leadership, strategic management, global health, health systems strengthening, international relations, diplomacy, strategic communication and health service delivery to undeserved communities with exceptional proven track record in emergency and crisis management. He currently sits on the WHO’s Executive Board, having previously served as the 1st Vice Chair of WHO Executive Board and alternate Board Member at GAVI.

He is also the Former/last Minister of Health of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, previously served as Deputy Minister for Healthcare Service Delivery, Senior International Relations Advisor and Technical Advisor to the Health Minister. He has the background of working at different senior positions with national and international institutions including the Afghan Government, U.S Embassy, USAID, UNDP, EU, and the World Bank. In his recent capacity as a Health Minister, Dr Majrooh led the fight against COVID-19 in Afghanistan. As part of his recent initiatives, Dr. Majrooh acts as the Founder and CEO of a Geneva-based Organization – Afghanistan Center for Health and Peace Studies.