Maisoon Elbukhari Ibrahim

Maisoon Elbukhari Ibrahim is a Sudanese medical doctor with dual master’s degrees in health economics and Gender and Development. With a career spanning sixteen years, Maisoon has demonstrated her expertise in managing and advising complex multistakeholder public health projects across five dfferent regions worldwide. She is dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and impactful strategies in the implementation of public health programs. Through her roles as a program manager, she has gained extensive experience in formulating strategic directions, coordinating with technical partners, and overseeing the implementation of health portfolios exceeding a hundred million dollars in value. Currently, Maisoon holds a position at The Global Fund, where she continues to contribute her wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of global health.

Maisoon thesis is on ” Health System Resilience in Sudan” a mixed method study aiming to develop a conceptual framework for health system resilience in low-income fragile contexts; develop contextually relevant tools to measure, monitor and predict the resilience of the Sudanese health system at national and subnational levels, and to apply the generated evidence to facilitate resilience-building policies and actions.

Read her latest publication in the The Lancet Global Health: Short-term aid or long-term gains? Harnessing Sudan’s humanitarian response for the resilience of its health system and her blog article on our website.