Virtual WSIS+15 Forum


Join the virtual stand we are co-hosting with the University of Geneva (UNIGE) at the World Summit of the Information Society Forum where we demonstrate how IT technologies are helping to transform learning and knowledge sharing in the academic sector.

For our Centre, the WSIS forum is an opportunity to give visibility to our Humanitarian Encyclopedia research project, a collaborative, interactive platform to reach out to relevant communities; for UNIGE, the forum is an opportunity to show its drive to make scientific research more open and accessible to everybody and connect with others. Visitors to the exhibition would also be able to connect and get information on the Centre’s academic courses in humanitarian action, including its distance e-learning opportunities.

With our exhibition space, we propose to promote the advantages of a collaborative, pluralistic approach to knowledge sharing and co-creation with a dual perceptive:

  1. From the perspective of IT technologies as part of the broader research domain of Digital Humanities; and
  2. From the perspective of e-learning and co-creation of knowledge, through the Centre’s Humanitarian Encyclopedia project, and its innovative transdisciplinary approach.
Venue: Online
Date: From 22 June to 7 September 2020