Course Evaluation: “Addressing Sexual Violence in Conflict and Emergency Settings” 2014 – 2021″


From December 2021 to February 2022, Lucy Hovil, International Consultant and Senior Research Associate, Refugee Law Initiative, University of London and the Course Director Laura Pasquero, worked on the evaluation of the course “Addressing Sexual Violence in Conflict and Emergency Settings” which covers the eight years that the Course has operated since it was first developed in 2014.

The course, targeted at mid-level and senior humanitarian managers involved in sexual violence response, trained around 500 participants in eight years. It provided them with the knowledge, competencies and skills required to conceive multidisciplinary survivor-centred interventions in the field of sexual violence response and prevention.

Key findings

The report focused on the evaluation of learningoutcomes and knowledge generation. The report also offers recommendations for the course’s future developments. The key findings show that the course when measured against its stated objectives, has been highly successful. Additionally, the findings show that the course has been catalytic in generating significant change at the individual, project and organisational levels and that many of the changes are a result of the dynamic interaction between these different levels.

The report also considered how the Course has changed participants’ attitudes towards sexual violence, the impact it has had on the way in which participants work at both individual and institutional levels, and the wider impact it has had on survivors and local contexts. The findings point to a robust correlation between learning, attitude change and work practice, and in particular to changes that are highly significant for the ultimate target group, namely sexual violence survivors. They also demonstrate how survivor-centredness has gone from being a concept mainstreamed throughout the Course to an understanding of survivors as central to expertise and knowledge generation.

Read the full evaluation report below.