The Lancet Migration European Regional Hub, co-led by Lancet Migration and the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, aims to make a positive impact on the lives of people who migrate to or within Europe, and the environments in which they live, through multidisciplinary research, as well as leadership, engagement, dissemination of research, and advocacy.

To launch the initiative in 2021, we asked a series of experts to share their thoughts on the topic and their vision for the Hub. The experts, including Professor Bernadette Kumar, Co-Chair, Lancet Migration, and Co-Lead European Regional Hub; Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and Professor Karl Blanchet, Co-Lead European Regional Hub; Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, cover the challenges and opportunities in migration and health in the European Region, and how the European Regional Hub can advance migration health through sustainable multidisciplinary research, policy, and practice.

Lancet Migration is a global collaboration between The Lancet and researchers, implementers, and others in the field of migration and health that aims to address evidence gaps and drive policy change, building on the recommendations of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health published in December 2018.

The Hub aims to bring together local and regional researchers, civil society, students and young professionals, non-governmental bodies, multilateral organisations, policymakers, and migrants across the region. There are many initiatives in the European Region working to improve and study the health of migrants. Rather than duplicate existing initiatives, the Hub aims to build a sustainable platform for research and policy action between and within sectors to amplify existing work and advocacy across the region.

The weekly expert series includes recordings from:

  • Professor Bernadette Kumar, Co-Chair, Lancet Migration, and Co-Lead European Regional Hub; Norwegian Institute of Public Health (See below)
  • Professor Karl Blanchet, Co-Lead, Lancet Migration European Regional Hub; Director of the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies (See below)
  • Dr Sally Hargreaves, The Migrant Health Research Group, St George’s, University of London
  • Dr Daniela Kállayová, Department of Public Health, Screening and Prevention, Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic
  • Reem Mussa, Forced Migration Advisor – Analysis Department, MSF Operational Center Brussels
  • Dr Josiah Kaplan, Child Protection Specialist UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti, Italy.
  • Dr Apolostolos Veizis, Executive Director, INTERSOS Greece

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Professor Blanchet introduces the Hub

“We want to be a voice to represent the diversity of the research community on migration & health in Europe. We want to go beyond research, we want it to be understood, accessible, and used by those who make important decisions on migrants and health programmes”. explains Prof Blanchet.

Professor Bernadette Kumar welcomes you to our Hub

“The pandemic has shown us we are only as strong as our weakest link. Therefore, addressing the issue of migrants is a priority and should no longer be neglected. The time is now to respond to these issues in Europe (…). We will do this with the Hub by generating high-quality research and stimulating engagement and advocacy and therefore bringing about policy change.  We need a paradigm shift where we look at migration and migrant health, not simply as a burden but as a resource. Populist rhetoric has brought about public fear which has led to the exclusion of migrants from policies.” Professor Bernadette Kumar.