Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies

Professor Karl Blanchet

Professor Karl Blanchet


Rachel Cassidy

Rachel Cassidy

Scientific Collaborator

Addis Ababa University

Prof Teferi Fentra AAU

Professor Teferi Gedif Fenta

Professor at the School of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences

Dawit Teshome Gebregiorgis


Dr. Bruck Messele Habte

Assistant Professor

Zelealem Tilahun Mekonnen

Assistant Professor

Novo Nordisk

Jane Rasmussen

Vice President

Jette Rune Jørgensen

Senior Project Manager

Louise Stanton

Project Assistant

World Diabetes Foundation

Bent Lautrup-Nielsen

Head of Global Development and Advocacy 

Kühne Foundation

Andre Kreie

Director of Global Logistics Education 

Wolf-Christian Noske

Global Content Manager 

Geneva School of Business Administration

Professor Cheikhrouhou Naoufel

Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Management

Diego Vanegas

Researcher and Assistant