Dr Mohammed Shafiq Mirzazada

Designation: MD, MPH // Researcher

Dr Shafiq Mirzazada, M.D., M.P.H, is a Researcher holding a Scholarship of Excellence (Boursiers d’excellence) awarded by the Swiss Government to pursue his academic and research work at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies. He joined the centre in November 2022. Before joining the centre he worked as Deputy Minister Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan. He was the Director, Academic Projects Afghanistan for Aga Khan University. He also worked with the Aga Khan Health Service, Afghanistan as Chief Executive Officer, Country Program Director, Manager- Community Health Programs and National Program Officer. His expertise ranges from research to program development and implementation, capacity building, development of Human Resource for health, RMNCAH, Non-Communicable Diseases, Community Health, Population Health, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. He is Medical Doctor graduated from Balkh University, Faculty of Medicine in 1999. He is also a holder of Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Saint Louis University, School of Public Health Missouri. USA (2008).  He was offered the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his M.P.H in the United States. 

Dr. Mirzazada is founding member of Afghanistan National Public Health Association and served as vice-president of the association during 2012-2013 and executive board member of the association.  He also serves as member of Afghanistan Fulbright Association.


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RMNCAH and Nutrition in conflict settings: evidence synthesis and case study analysis to inform policy: Afghanistan and Pakistan